Executive Team

A huge thank you to the 2016 Executive team! Moving on to the 2017 season, meet the Buccaneers Executive team who strive to ensure our club is the best it can be.

Club President – Brian Crothers president@buccaneersrugby.com
Brian moves into his second term on the Executive as Club President. His tireless efforts to ensure the success of the club has truly been remarkable, and the fact that he only requires one hour of sleep a night. His enthusiasm and energy are huge assets to the club, not to mention his criminal defense lawyer capabilities.

Vice President of Rugby – Chris Burt vpseniors@buccaneersrugby.com
Chris continues in the role of Vice President of Rugby this year, tasked with assisting both the coach and President with all non in-game rugby duties. These include assisting with selections, following up with players for game availability and equipment management. A Newfoundlander by birth, Chris’ open and good-natured demeanor are appreciated additions to the Executive and Buccaneers bar tab.

Vice President Junior Development –  juniors@buccaneersrugby.com
While currently unofficially filled, thanks to the assistance of Janessa Doherty our junior program is still in great hands and looking forward to a big season.

Vice President Finance – Dean Spencer treasurer@buccaneersrugby.com
After serving for many years on the Executive in other roles Dean now moves into the VP of Finance position.  A true stalwart of the club, Dean has the great responsibility of ensuring the club’s continued financial success. A little known fact about Dean, his blood actually smells like cologne.

Club Secretary – Sean Webb secretary@buccaneersrugby.com
“The” Sean Webb returns once again this year to ensure our meetings are facilitated and run in a timely and efficient fashion, not to mention making sure we have a place to sit at The Leaside Pub whilst doing so. And of course following up to make sure that anything committed to by an Executive Team member is actually done.

Director of Fixtures – Jeff Dymond fixtures@buccaneersrugby.com
Jeff steps up to the Executive after his rookie season last year to help manage our Fixtures and ensure games are confirmed and referees are in place. A yin to our President’s yang, Jeff hails on the other side of the law helping to ensure our public safety by being a proud member of the Toronto Police force. Jeff is also our Child Protection Officer (safety@buccaneersrugby.com).

Director of Social Events – Godfrey Nthunzi social@buccaneersrugby.com
Stepping up for our ever important social events this year is Godfrey. After a very impressive rookie year last year the Executive is looking forward to the upcoming year’s social events with the powerhouse South African. Plans are already underway for a great 2017 social season, and the Executive is most pleased that unlike our other long standing South African resident Gideon we can actually understand his accent.

Director of Recruitment – Greg ‘Slurry’ DeVillers recruit@buccaneersrugby.com
Greg steps up once again this year to manage the critical position of recruitment. A long standing member of the club, Greg has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm and has already made a great impact with his ideas and actions in the 2016 season. His tireless efforts and innovative ideas greatly help to ensure the continued growth and success of our club.

Director of Communications – Jay ‘McEvans’ McDonnell webmaster@buccaneersrugby.com
Jay continues his role at Communications this year, although in truth is only at the executive meetings (when he manages to get to them) so he knows what to update on the website. Jay brings his technical savvy and word-smithing to the executive team. To this day no one knows what he actually does for a living.