Emergency Action Plan

To be prepared in the event of serious injuries, the Toronto Buccaneers RFC have established an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which wil be implemented at games, practices and any other events at our home field location of Sunnybrook Park.

The EAP involves the appointment of three (3) individuals to specific roles, which they will assume in the event of a medical emergency:

Charge Person – Brian Crothers, president@buccaneersrugyb.com

The Charge Person’s responsibilities include:

  • Being the most qualified person available with training in emergency control, first aid or the Rugby Canada Safety Guidelines
  • Familiarizing themselves with the facilities emergency equipment
  • Take control of an emergency situation until a medical authority arrives
  • Assesses severity of an injury

Call Person – Peter Ratcliffe, treasurer@buccaneersrugby.com

The Call Person’s responsibilities include:

  • Make a call for emergency assistance
  • Knows location of emergency telephones in every facility
  • Has a list of emergency telephone numbers
  • Knows the best direction to the facility
  • Knows the best route in and out of the facility for ambulance crew
  • Communicates with the Charge Person & Control Person

Control Person – Chris Burt, vpseniors@buccaneersrugby.com

The Control Person’s responsibilities include:

  • Control crowd and other players and keeps them away from the Charge Person and Injured Player
  • Ensures proper room to work for the Charge Person and ambulance crew
  • Discusses EAP with the Facilities staff, officials and opponents
  • Ensures that the route for the ambulance crew is clear and available
  • Seeks highly trained medical personnel (i.e. MD, Nurse) if requested by the Charge Person